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My lifelong dream of floor to ceiling, wall to wall (almost!) books has finally come true!


The Lumio brand creates modern lighting systems with the simple goal of giving people the freedom to experience beautiful lighting wherever they are. Lumio combines laser-cut wood cover design with durable water-resistant Tyvek “pages” containing high-performing LEDs. Its unique design allows you to transform its shape to meet your needs. 

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I finally got my copies! Wanted to share a few more interior images, and there’s also a big foldout in the middle showing the big fight. Seeing everything in person is even better than I imagined! The care taken with the binding and printing is simply amazing. A big thank you to Marco and everyone else involved in the production!

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Fanny Dreyer, Des livres

Karine Bernardou, Bibliopolis

I drew a puzzle for Chicago Independent Bookstore Day, which happens for the first time on July 12th. Nine bookstores in different neighborhoods around the city will each have a different piece of the puzzle for people to gather. It’ll be a great day to support and explore Chicago’s local bookshops! There will be events throughout the day at the different stores involving pies, signings and readings and yes gazpacho. More info is here.


As the nights get darker, look no further than our latest item. Take a glance in this fascinating art journal, the ‘Anatomia Humani Corporis’, ultimate Renaissance anatomical sketchbooks – scientific masterpieces with lucid insights into the functioning of the human body.


London’s incredible book benches

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There are few summer pleasures quite like reading a book outside in the sunshine. Well, London has taken that activity to a whole new level by installing 50 literature-inspired benches all over the city.
The National Literary Trust and Wild Art partnered up to commission local artists to create these beautiful homages to great books and writers. At the end of the summer, the benches will be auctioned off for charity.

I want to go to London!!!

(see the list of benches HERE)